Latest Past Events

YEP swimming Sessions

Littledown Sports Centre Chaseside, Bournemouth

Fun swimming taster session hosted by Littledown leisure centre all for the youth of YEP. this will be an activity which helps the YEP youth develop their swimming skills and to push them out for their comfort zones and help them overcome and break barriers.


How to report Hate crime

YEP - Bame Nursery Road, Bournemouth

Our next online event is on How to report hate crime or incident effectively and what the Next Steps are.  The guest speaker is Tony Smikle, a graduate of the US NBPA International Leadership Institute, the former Vice President of the National Black Police Association who is an independent diversity consultant and develops bespoke training […]

Introduction to the Science of Climate Change – Online Event

Our next guest speaker will be Dr Bethan Davies, a glaciologist at Royal Holloway University of London. She specialises in understanding how glaciers and ice sheets have responded to climate change in the past, in order to better understand how they will behave in the future. Her work has taken her to Antarctica, Patagonia, Greenland, […]