Beginners Broadcasting and Presentation skills training

Young BAME children have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19 in terms of their education. This project will help build and develop presentation skills and confidence, which are transferable to many aspects of future lives, including employment prospects.

This project will help to strengthen the local community for the future by:

· Team building: the small group sizes of up to 5 per group will help to develop team building skills, mutual support and a sense of camaraderie and community amongst participants.

· Confidence building: presentations are often a source of anxiety; this course is designed to help young people overcome any anxiety about presentations and build the confidence to broadcast to the public.

· Learn new skills, not available in school classrooms or at home from tutoring by most parents.

· Improved job prospects and financial benefits: presentation skills are transferable and useful in almost all jobs and career paths.

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